Buffet for buffet

'Big' premieres at Museum of Modern Art

HBO shot the works on the “Too Big to Fail” premiere Monday evening at the Museum of Modern Art. For the after-party at the Four Seasons, cast including James Woods and William Hurt mingled with newsies like Brian Williams, discussing the issues of the day (including that morning’s NBC upfront).

The centerpieces for tables at the eatery’s main hall included spherical cages filled with hundreds of crumpled one-dollar bills, while the centerpiece for the room itself was a giant statue of a bull on a bed of cash. Whole suckling pig was served.

Producer Michael Fuchs remembered the last time HBO had played host to financial bigwigs for one of its premieres, “Barbarians at the Gates.” “We had maybe eight billionaires at that screening,” Fuchs recalled, “and Warren Buffett (played by Ed Asner in ‘Too Big’) kept saying, ‘You make movies for how much?!'”