An enlightened boss?

Starz show preemed at Arclight

Chris Albrecht’s decision to renew “Boss” for a second season, a month before the bow of its frosh season, was personal. “I wanted to see what happened next and the only way to do that was to pick up the show,” the Starz topper joked at Thursday’s preem party at the Arclight.

Kelsey Grammer agreed, “It just makes good sense.”

Co-star Jeff Hephner said he’ll stick to acting rather than delve into the dirty politics the show dramatizes. “When you get into the world of politics and how dysfunctional and cynical it can be you start to wonder: How does shit get done?” he asked.

A few blocks south in Hollywood, HBO celebrated the preem of “Enlightened” on Paramount’s sound stage one, which it turned into a zen temple complete with massages, henna artists and prayer-bead necklaces, and guests sipped on orchid-adorned champagne.

Laura Dern joked about co-star Luke Wilson, saying he’s “everyone’s dream for a husband, or ex-husband.”