Zooey Deschanel & Liz Meriwether: Fox sitcom’s ‘Girl’ goes wild

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More than just Fox’s new hit sitcom, “The New Girl” is also an apt description of the breakout show’s exec producer and creator, Liz Meriwether. The collaboration between Meriwether and star Zooey Deschanel has made “Girl” Fox’s highest-rated fall sitcom in 10 years; the network has ordered a full 24-episode run for the season.

Meriwether, who also penned the Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman feature “No Strings Attached,” still can’t believe she found a star who so perfectly embodies the adorably dorky — fans call it “adorkable” — zeitgeist of the show. “People ask me all the time if I wrote Jess with Zooey in mind, since that’s usually the way the process works. But I didn’t,” Meriwether says. “She just fits so perfectly into the character, and she’s so game for anything.”

If Meriwether ever gets “literally too tired to write,” she jokes about an episode with singer-songwriter Deschanel doing nothing but singing — in the vein of Fox’s last big female-driven sitcom “Ally McBeal,” which also featured regular musical numbers. “I loved that show!” she gushes. “That’s right, later in the season we’ll have Zooey sing jazz standards for 20 minutes! I don’t think anyone would complain.”