Whitney Cummings: Familiar latenight face goes for ‘Broke’

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If you watched Comedy Central or latenight talkshows, you probably knew Whitney Cummings before her face became ubiquitous via the full-court press promotional campaign NBC launched this fall for her eponymous comedy, “Whitney.”

And, yes, now Cummings is everywhere, both as star and creator of “Whitney,” as well as continuing her behind-the-scenes work as co-creator of CBS’ freshman comedy series, “2 Broke Girls.”

Since both shows have been picked up for full-season orders, the one place you won’t be seeing Cummings much is at the comedy clubs where she made her reputation for biting, observational humor.

“The whole thing is definitely crazy,” Cummings says of her newfound notoriety. “I mean, just look at my last name. It’s great for standup, but I have no business being on network TV.”

Both shows reflect the 29-year-old comedienne’s strong generational point-of-view on relationships, sex and navigating the world at large. “Whitney” is naturally the more personal reflection of Cumming’s sensibility, a direct outgrowth of her standup routine.

“I’ve been developing this material for years,” she says. “I’m just going with what I know is funny, what I know works and what’s 100% my voice.”