Industryites from around the globe put on their gladrags and headed to the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc for the Art of Elysium’s third annual Paradis fete, where Ryan Kavanaugh received Variety’s Showman of the Year honor.

The hot-ticket event began at 11:59 p.m. Sunday and lasted until 6 a.m. Monday, when guests ate breakfast and watched the sunrise in Cap d’Antibes.

In accepting the award, Kavanaugh gave a faux apology for the late hour, deadpanning, “They don’t allow helicopter landings on the Hotel du Cap until after midnight.”

He thanked the Relativity team and quoted Einstein as saying intelligence is good, but imagination is crucial. He also explained how lucky he felt to be working in a biz that is “given a voice that can reach across the globe.” Variety publisher Brian Gott intro’d the honoree by saying he’d had a big impact on the industry, but that the kudos was also a way to acknowledge his philanthropy.

Kavanaugh is a key supporter of Art of Elysium, a nonprofit org in which actors, artists and musicians volunteer their time to work creatively with children with serious medical conditions. It helps more than 50,000 children per year across 100 hospitals.

Kavanaugh held an impromptu auction, in which one guest plunked down $45,000 for a Lady Gaga piano, with proceeds going toward the Art of Elysium.

Event was hosted by Vitaminwater.

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