Ty Burrell: ‘Family’ man finds his audience at last

Comedy Impact Report 2011: Tube Titans

Winning the 2011 Emmy for supporting actor was monumental for Ty Burrell, but the “Modern Family” star says it doesn’t compare to the overall bliss of working on ABC’s highest-rated scripted series day-in and day-out. After a decade of appearing on a half-dozen television shows and many more pilots that never got picked up, he is savoring the routine of an enduring series: “The greatest reward after being out late on Emmy night was having this job to go to the next day.”

Burrell attributes “Family’s” popularity to not just the performers — all six adults on the series were nominated for Emmys last year — but the seasoned writing staff. “Our writers are brilliant. From the very first script, they had written these complete characters and created this perfect machine between the three families.” The actor also popped up in “Morning Glory” as a hilariously womanizing morning-show anchor, and he appears as Jennifer Garner’s horn-dog hubby in “Butter.” But he theatrical projects are just a bonus to what Burrell says is the best job of his career. “I get to go to work every day and feel creative and be around people I love.”