Barcelona-based Rodar y Rodar, producer of “The Orphanage” and “Julia’s Eyes,” is prepping romantic drama “Carmen Amaya,” to be directed by Rodar producer and partner Mar Targarona.

Sara Baras, now Spain’s foremost femme flamenco dancer, will play Amaya.

A departure for Rodar — in subject more than foreseeable financing structure — “Amaya” is a fictional portrait of Carmen Amaya, who revolutionized flamenco with a ferocious dancing style, took flamenco onto the world stage in the 1920s, appeared in 1945’s Univesal production “See My Lawyer” and performed at the White House.

Screenplay, by Juan Carlos Sanchez and Enric Ros, will be completed this month.

Set between Spain, Paris, London and Los Angeles, and targeting an adult audience, “Amaya” focuses on Amaya’s across-the-tracks marriage at the age of 40: While Amaya was illiterate, her husband was an upper-class intellectual, 15 years her junior.

“Carmen Amaya had a very happy life and three great loves: Her husband, her art and her very large family which she supported and took wherever she went,” Targarona said, who described “Amaya” as a “love story with some spectacular flamenco numbers.”

Rodar aims to structure “Amaya” as an international co-production between Spain, France and Japan, where flamenco has a substantial fan base, said Joaquin Padro, who partners Targarona at Rodar y Rodar.

“Amaya” is scheduled to begin shooting in 2012.