Data reveals Comic-Con buzz benefit

'Terra Nova' tops Twitter's fall TV frenzy

Comic-Con proved to be an effective buzz-builder for the upcoming fall TV season, according to new data supplied by social-media tracking service Wiredset.

Shows that made noise at the convention, such as Fox’s “Terra Nova” and The CW’s “Secret Circle,” saw the kind of sizable increases in Twitter citations that suggested marketing effectiveness, while those that sat out the festivities in San Diego – — Fox’s “The X Factor” and “New Girl” — registered declines over the previous week.

Wiredset shared the Twitter portion of a data set from its analytics platform, Trendrr, which is being compiled for dozens of its TV network clients that, in totality, will also encompass Facebook and social-TV “check-in” services like GetGlue.

By comparing the Twitter traction TV series had the week prior to Comic-Con, which took place July 21-24, with the week the convention occurred, some of the emerging patterns reflect the importance the event has in spreading word of mouth.

“Twitter is the heartbeat of television because it’s open and in real time,” said Trendrr CEO Mark Ghuneim.

“Terra Nova” and “Circle” led the top 10 shows most anticipated on Twitter the week of July 18-24, followed by “Ringer” (CW), “Factor” (Fox), “Pan Am” (ABC), “Allen Gregory” (Fox), “New Girl” (Fox), “The Playboy Club” (NBC), “Charlie’s Angels” (ABC) and “Person of Interest” (CBS).

“Terra Nova” and both CW series certainly made their presence known at Comic-Con between pilot screenings and panel discussions featuring their respective stars, including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Stephen Lang.

With four of the top seven shows, Fox had the strongest finish among the broadcasters but it represented a mixed bag when compared with the top 10 from the previous week. “X Factor,” which with the exception of Comic-Con has been heavily promoted all summer by Fox, was the most anticipated series on Twitter the previous week only to slide into fourth. “Girl” slid from third to seventh while “Terra Nova” climbed from second to first.

Fox animated series “Gregory” wasn’t even in the top 10 the week before Twitter, but may have benefitted from a panel that featured an appearance from one of its exec producers, Jonah Hill.

Comic-Con doesn’t work miracles for everybody. While NBC’s “Playboy Club” made the list, it actually dropped three slots from the previous week. The network didn’t, however, feature the series at a Comic-Con panel, opting instead to host a Playboy-themed party.

And a CBS series that was on the list the previous week, “2 Broke Girls,” slipped off the week of Comic-Con despite appearances from its stars (though no panel either). Another Eye show that did have a panel, “Interest,” dropped two slots as well.

The preseason data Trendrr is collecting now is intended to serve as a baseline to track levels of interest through the upcoming season. “By the time we get to October, we’ll be able to see how much of the marketing effectiveness translated to gross rating points,” said Ghuneim.

Trendrr isn’t simply counting the number of times a show happens to get mentioned on Twitter; it utilizes an algorithm that seizes on language suggesting interest and anticipation.