The man, the myth, the legend Bruce Campbell held court in Ballroom 20 both to promote the DVD release of “Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe” and to taunt Comic-Con attendees.

“Where else can you watch Boba Fett stand in line behind Harry Potter to take a leak? I won’t even talk about the men’s room,” said the Man Formerly Known As Ash.

Fans were treated to a peek of pro-Campbell propaganda, including a nod to “Evil Dead” with Campbell throwing a chainsaw.

“In high school, I watched the ‘Evil Dead’ movies with my buddies. At 17, I was on my couch thinking, ‘Someday I will put a chainsaw in that man’s hand.’ I am proof that dreams do come true,” said series creator/scribe Matt Nix.

Campbell is an SDCC icon best known for his role as Ash in the “Evil Dead” series, but in each role there is a little Bruce.

“Ash is me on my worst, stupidist day. Axe is me right now,” said Campbell. “When I was told we would do a Sam Axe prequel, I thought, ‘Darker hair, less weight.’ And that’s how I prepped for the role.

“I did two things tp prep for the show: jack and shit.”

Jeffrey Donovan, who plays Michael Weston on the show, helmed the TV pic. But he wasn’t the first choice.

“He moved up our list quickly,” said Campbell. “I think he was hurting people in back alleys.”

FX presented a special clip called “The Fall of Jeffrey Donovan,” which showed the actor descend into madness while the cast fled to the embassy and sent text messages to the Fox legal department.

All mocking aside, Campbell knows his bread and butter.

“We would not be here if not for your support,” he said.