Montana Artists signed 1st AD’s Korey Pollard (“Lie to Me) and Anne Berger (“Bird Dog”). Agency booked line producers Bob Rolsky on CW pilot “Cooper & Stone,” Victor Hsu on Fox pilot “Family Album,” Peter Lhotka on Cartoon Network’s “Level Up,” Steve Wakefield on USA’s “A Legal Mind” and Tommy Burns on NBC pilot “Wonder Woman”; UPM’s Chip Vucelich on NBC pilot “S.I.L.A,” Robin Sweet on CBS pilot “Person Of Interest” and Cathy Gibson on “Wonder Woman”; 1st AD’s Jay Tobias on ABC pilot “Identity,” Richard Denault on ABC pilot “Grace,” Alan Goluboff on ABC pilot “Poe” and Maximillian Day on NBC’s “Brave New World.”

Montana has booked d.p.’s James Bagdonas on ABC pilot “Don’t Trust The Bitch in Apt. 23,” Matt Jensen on ABC pilot presentation “Good Christian Bitches,” Gregor Hagey on Cineflix’s “Mayday” and Bruce Finn on Fox pilot “Tagged”; production designers Eloise Stammerjohn on CBS pilot “Hail Mary,” Dawn Snyder on NBC’s “17th Precinct,” Steven Wolff on “Bitches,” Donald Lee Harris on NBC’s “My Life As An Experiment” and Mayling Cheng on CW pilot presentation “Hart Of Dixie”; costume designers Leah Katznelson on Christopher Miller and Phil Lord’s “21 Jump Street,” Jennifer Bryan on TNT’s “Hawthorne,” Roberta Haze on ABC pilot “Bad Mom” and Lynette Meyer on “S.I.L.A.”; and editors Gary Levy on VH1’s “Single Ladies,” Jordan Goldman on Showtime pilot “Homeland,” Andy Seklir on SyFy’s “Warehouse 13” and Jon Schwartz on NBC pilot “I Hate That I Love You.”