Reactions to the Producers Guild of America nominations:

“I feel very good. You can’t go wrong working with David Fincher and Joel and Ethan Coen. They are such first-rate directors. There’s no bad news today.” — Scott Rudin, producer on “The Social Network and “True Grit.”

“We’re honored and are proud of the response the film has received and are especially thrilled for our colleagues.” — Joel & Ethan Coen, producers on “True Grit”

“We are extremely honored to receive this nomination from our peers at the Producers Guild of America. ‘The Fighter’ has been an extraordinary journey and a labor of love. We had passionate and determined partners every step of the way and are indebted to all of them, particularly our director David O. Russell and our extraordinary cast. This film has been a rare privilege and we are truly grateful for this nomination.” — David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, producers on “The Fighter.”

“I feel great about the nomination. I think that producers recognize the difficulty in making a thriller about ballet. As producers, we had to have a lot of faith in Darren Aronofsky’s abilities. If you don’t execute it right, then you have a movie that people may not want to see.” — Brian Oliver, producer on “Black Swan.”

“All the films that were nominated display a similar excellence in writing, directing and performances. I think our movie has extremely well crafted by a director (David Fincher) at the peak of his game. It really is a movie of the moment. That’s kind of a happy accident. You start out just trying to tell a good story and it’s sort of icing on the cake when it becomes part of the zeitgeist.” — Michael De Luca, producer on “The Social Network.”

“I’m feeling great about the nomination because it’s always great to be acknowledged by your peers — who are really looking at the film and applauding the craft behind it, which comes as the result of extraordinary artistry at the highest level by so many people. And I think that there’s an element of the film coming out of nowhere, not being from an established studio, that took everyone by surprise. I think everyone loves movies that surprise them but ultimately, it’s a nod to the excpetional craftmanship.”– Chris Meledandri, producer on “Despicable Me.”