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“Restrepo” director Sebastian Junger may take a little time out to enjoy the Oscar spotlight, but after that he’s heading back to Afghanistan where his documentary takes place.

“The realities of war completely crush the reality of Oscar nominations,” said Junger, a journalist for Vanity Fair. “We’re going back there as soon as we can to continue covering the war. We’ll be in (bulletproof vests) and helmets on the side of a hill on patrol.”

Junger, who’s been traveling in Afghanistan since 1996, says making a documentary film was much the same as the work he’d done as a journalist documenting the war.

“We considered the videography we were doing out there to just be an aspect of our journalism. We wanted to make a film that would bring the war into people’s living rooms in a neutral but highly emotional way so that people could really engage with what’s happening over there.

“We’re absolutely thrilled about the nomination but we feel it really also is a great testimony to the courage and dedication of the men we were with. I think that almost everyone in this country, regardless of their feelings about the war, can agree that our soldiers are incredibly dedicated and worthy of our gratitude…We’re hoping that among other things this film allows people to have an emotional connection to what our soldiers have gone through completely outside the political conversation which needs to happen.”

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