Quincy Jones to chair Asia Acad of Music

Singapore-based org plans pan-Asian performance special

The Asia Academy of Music Arts & Sciences, launched in June as a kind of Far Eastern counterpart to NARAS based in Singapore, has named Quincy Jones as chairman of its board of governors.

“I have developed some wonderful relationships with the music and business communities in the region,” said Quincy Jones, who told Variety that he’s been traveling to Asia and the Pacific Rim since the late ’50s.

“When I was approached to join the board of the AAMAS, I felt it was a wonderful opportunity to continue to collaborate with the artistic community there and mentor their young musicians,” added the 27-time Grammy winner, who served as artistic advisor for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing with Ang Lee, and co-wrote the theme song of the recent World Expo in Shanghai with Tan Dun.

In addition, Jones will serve as exec producer of “Come Together,” AAMAS’s maiden event designed to bring together the best talent from different countries in Asia to perform together. The show will be taped live in Hainan, China and broadcast throughout Asia in April.

Beverly Hills-based management company ROAR, which reps Jones and AAMAS, introduced the parties.

“The music and talents of Quincy Jones have defined multiple generations of artists and fans around the world,” said Robert Farina, co-founder of AAMAS, in a statement. “His leadership and counsel as chairman of our board of governors will be invaluable and we are honored by his commitment and passion to the growth and expansion of the music industry throughout Asia.”

AAMAS — comprised of approximately 11,000 recording artists, composers, producers, label execs and technicians — calls itself Asia’s “first-ever peer driven Academy established to honor and award excellence in the arts and sciences of music, and to foster collaboration between all sectors of the music industry across Asia and the world.”

Headquartered in Singapore, AAMAS’ make-up encompasses Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.