EMI Music Publishing takes over digital licensing for EMI April

Catalog was formerly represented by ASCAP

Moving further into the realm of global rights management espoused by EMI Music chairman/CEO Roger Faxon, EMI Music Publishing has taken over licensing of digital rights of its EMI April Music song catalog, formerly represented by ASCAP.

EMI Music’s publishing arm will now be directly responsible for licensing EMI April’s 200,000 copyrights to streaming music audio and video services, cloud-based music services and other digital realms.

Performance rights org ASCAP will continue to license EMI’s publishing to traditional media, including TV and radio.

“The digital world demands a new way of licensing rights in musical compositions,” Faxon said in a statement. “Today we are embarking on that new way. We are reunifying the rights in many of the songs that we represent. By bringing these rights back together our aim is to reduce the burden of licensing, to create greater efficiency and importantly to reduce the barriers to the development of innovative new services.”

EMI’s publishing division, formerly headed by Faxon, has taken a growing role in company’s overall operations. Last month, EMI Music created a new sync and licensing division employing the publisher’s sales staff (Variety, April 8).

Moves come as EMI Music, taken over by Citigroup from former owner Terra Firma Equity Partners in February, prepares to go on the sales block; Citigroup is reportedly preparing to entertain formal offers for the company.