Elton John, performing Wednesday night at Ron Burkle’s estate in Beverly Hills, earned multiple standing ovations for singing his hits. But the biggest cheers were for the f-bomb he threw at church groups and politicos who have condemned same-sex marriage.

“We deserve the respect, equality, the right to be recognized as a human being. Until we are, then we have to do these kind of events,” said John, referring to that night’s fundraiser for the legal fund to overturn Prop. 8. More than $3 million was raised for the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the org founded by Rob Reiner and other Hollywood activists and led by Chad Griffin.

Reiner didn’t use a foul word when he took the stage, but did say that one day the ban on same-sex marriage will look as archaic as the bans on interracial nuptials. “Years from now, people are going to look back and say, ‘What was that all about?’ “