Laurent Eyquem
Leading up to the Toronto Intl. Film Festival, Eyquem was racing against the clock to finish the score for “Winnie,” the South African/Canadian biopic about Winnie Mandela that screens at TIFF as a Gala Presentation. Jennifer Hudson, who plays the title role, sings the pic’s theme song, penned by Diane Warren. Eyquem used South African percussion and choirs for the “Winnie” score, while he also scored another South African/Canadian co-production, “A Million Colours,” a drama based on the lives of the South African actors Muntu Ndebele and Norman Knox. The France-born, Montreal-based composer also scored the upcoming Canuck pic “French Immersion,” helmer Kevin Tierney’s bilingual comedy, and the Quebec thriller “Fear of Water” from director Gabriel Pelletier.

Michel Corriveau
Corriveau just wrapped Toronto player “Barrymore,” from Quebec director Erik Canuel. “It flirts with ’30s music and contemporary music,” says Corriveau. He also keeps busy scoring Franco-Quebec features like “Piche” and romantic comedy “French Kiss,” and was behind the score of all-time local box office champ, “Bon Cop Bad Cop.” Corriveau usually does two Quebec pics a year and has benefited from the local film boom, but cash here remains tight, he says. “We have to do a lot with pretty small budgets. We rarely have 40-piece orchestras.”

FM Le Sieur
It was hard to go to the multiplex in Quebec in recent months without seeing FM Le Sieur’s name in the credits. He scored three major made-in-Quebec films this year, including drama “Frisson des Collines”; “Gerry,” the biopic of the late Quebec rock star Gerry Boulet; and the comedy “A Sense of Humor,” the biggest local hit of the summer. “Gerry” was a huge job for Le Sieur, who had to seek out original masters by Boulet, teach the actors to look like pro musicians, and pen the score. Le Sieur is currently working scoring season two of the Muse-produced Syfy series “Being Human.”