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ASCAP elects new board of directors

Board vets, newcomers tapped by Composers org

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers has elected a new board of directors, though the new board is composed largely of incumbents.

Writer Paul Williams was re-elected as ASCAP’s president and chairman of the board. Twelve writer and 12 publisher members were chosen through the biennial elections. The board’s term begins April 1.

In addition to Williams, all 11 other writers and composers were re-elected. Eleven of the previous term’s publishers were re-elected, but they are joined by one new member: Laurent Hubert of BMG Gold Songs.

Those re-elected in the writers/composers’ at-large field included songwriters Marilyn Bergman, Hal David, Wayland Holyfield, Valerie Simpson and Jimmy Webb and composers Richard Bellis, Bruce Broughton, Dan Foliart, Johnny Mandel and Doug Wood. Composer Stephen Paulus was also re-elected in the symphonic and concert field. At-large publisher directors re-elected are Martin Bandier, Caroline Bienstock, Barry Coburn, John L. Eastman, Roger Faxon, David Johnson, Dean Kay, Leeds Levy, David Renzer, Irwin Z. Robinson. Re-elected in the symphonic and concert field is James Kendrick.