Bridging Mumbai and Los Angeles, Ashok Amritraj hosted a Diwali party Sunday night at Beverly Hills’ Tanzore Restaurant that came pretty close to a traditional Indian event (but without the fireworks).

The Hyde Park principal has been hosting the fete for several years now and said it had expanded from a small event in his house to include family, friends and colleagues. “It’s now become an industry thing,” Amritraj said.

“To explain Diwali to Hollywood is not easy,” he continued, “but I think a lot of them have been coming over the years so they understand that it’s a special family and friends festival and the festival of lights and how important it is to Indian culture.”

Amritraj turned to a couple of white guys to explain the reason for his party.

Variety’s Tim Gray said the Hindu holiday was “known as the Festival of Light, which I think refers to inner light.” And Steven Bochco said he looked up Diwali on the Internet and found that “it is not the title of a Pixar movie,” among other things.