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GOTHENBURG, Sweden — Finnish filmmakers are to get more than $35 million in public support this year.

The money, from the country’s national lottery fund, will be channeled through the Finnish Film Foundation.

Around $27.7 million will go to local TV and film production, $2 million will support the digitalization of cinemas with the rest going to distribution, children and youth films and grants to film festivals and other events.

Minister of culture and sport Stefan Wallin said public funding of film had increased by over $16 million during the past four years.

“The increase of funding has enforced both the diversity and the quality of Finnish films. The additional support for the feature productions means more days for shooting. As a result, there are more employment resources in the film industry than before,” Wallin told the Finnish media.

But Wallin warned about pubcaster YLE’s role in the film industry. Financial pressures from the global economic crisis meant YLE had sharply cut back on buying broadcasting rights. YLE role as one of the most significant investors and distributors of audiovisual programs and films should be reinforced, he said.

Exhibition looks healthy, the Finnish Film Foundation said.

“The success of 2010 has lasted during the first month of 2011,” the Foundation said in a statement.

“Domestic films have sold approximately 307,000 tickets this year already. The first local premiere of 2011, Anders Engstrom’s ‘Kiss of Evil’ is so far the most popular film with 154,000 admissions. The total number of admissions is 740,000, and domestic films’ share is 41%”