Legit nonprofit org Theater Communications Group and philanthropic group MetLife Foundation have handed out $225,000 in grants to companies including the Wooster Group, Perseverance Theater and Curious Theater Company as part of TCG and MetLife’s latest round of funding for initiatives that explore new biz models for the legit world.

Coin comes under the “A-ha! Program” banner, which is distributed in research-focused “Think It” bundles of $25,000 each or implementation-centric “Do It” packages of $50,000 each.

Alaska’s Perseverance picked up a “Think It” grant to investigate the feasibility of using the org’s multi-city operations as the seed for statewide legit programming.

Bigger “Do It” grants — some of which go to previous recipients of research funding — went to Wooster Group, which plans to create an arts-oriented online talkshow, and to Denver’s Curious, which will create a new staffing structure that more fully integrates artists. Also nabbing $50,000 each: CalArts’ Center for New Performance, for hosting a TED conference dedicated to live arts, and Austin’s Salvage Vanguard Theater, which will develop a “scenic co-op” of shared set resources.

Recipients rep the fourth round of grantees for the program, which also has funded projects with companies including L.A.’s Center Theater Group and Gotham’s Clubbed Thumb.