The long-delayed opening of Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” has now been delayed even longer: The previewing tuner, previously set to open Feb. 7, will now open March 15.

Creatives will use the time to continue to hone the show, particularly a new ending, according to reps for the production. Previews on Jan. 18 and Jan. 25 are cancelled to allow additional rehearsal time.

Postponement is only the latest in the musical’s rocky road to opening. Show had originally been slated to begin perfs in February 2010, but that timeline was disrupted by financing troubles.

More recently, preview performances were delayed as creatives grappled with the $65 million show’s tech challenges. Once previews finally began, perfs were plagued by a string of actor injuries, including a concussion sustained by a lead actress who has since departed the show.

A Dec. 21 opening was delayed to Jan. 11, and was subsequently pushed to Feb. 7.

New delay seems sure to inspire more media outlets to run reviews of the show in advance of its official opening night, which runs counter to traditional protocol on Broadway. The new sked for “Spider-Man” gives the show what is likely the longest preview period in Main Stem history.