Rock makes B’way debut

'Motherfucker with the Hat' opens at Schoenfeld

The barking laughter of Stephen Adly Guirgis’ frequent collaborator Philip Seymour Hoffman could be heard punctuating nearly every profane joke at the Broadway preem of “The Motherfucker with the Hat.” Indeed, it was an extremely enthusiastic crowd Monday at the Schoenfeld Theater where Ricky Gervais, Sutton Foster, Rachel Dratch, Curtis Granderson and other celebs gathered to applaud vigorously after each scene.

Chris Rock makes his Broadway debut with “Motherfucker,” and at the 230 Fifth Avenue rooftop bar following the perf, he noted that he finds legit a nice break from stand-up comedy’s extreme physical requirements. “I’m only on stage for like 20-30 minutes rather than two hours. Plus, I’m used to playing larger places where I’m screaming to be heard,” Rock said.

Costar Elizabeth Rodriguez revealed that Gurgis made the show less blue during the rehearsal process: “He actually cut 15 ‘fucks.’ I personally lost five.”

Thesps from the Guirgis’ play engaged in a swearing contest of sorts at the afterparty. Robert Cannavale, who showed up sporting a hat somewhere between a trilby and a porkpie, said that his favorite cuss word was “motherfucker.” Rodriguez paused before saying, “Well, it used to be ‘fuck.’ But not anymore. I won’t need to swear for years after this.”

As for Guirgis, he stuck with “motherfucker,” then took a shot of Jack Daniel’s before repeating himself. “Motherfucker.”