The North American touring production of “Mary Poppins” has topped $100 million in B.O. in two years on the road, according to producers.

Tuner, which launched its tour in Chicago in March 2009, seems to have carved out a mid-level category of success that isn’t all that common on the road these days, not quite on par with the longrunning blockbusters like “Wicked” and Disney’s own “The Lion King” but still notably strong.

A familiar title that draws multi-generational auds, “Poppins” also recently experienced renewed success at the Broadway B.O. over the summer, when the musical regularly posted weekly sales of more than $1 million. Robust tallies during the tourism high-tide of summer indicate a healthy profile for the show among the out-of-town auds likely to attend road productions in their hometowns.

Now in the midst of a five-week stop in Boston, the tour is slated to hit 10 more stops through the end of 2011, including Philadelphia, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Toronto. Along with the Broadway and West End incarnations, there are also productions of “Poppins” running in Melbourne, Australia, and Scheveningen, Netherlands.

North American road production also has recouped its initial investment costs, according to producers.