Irene dampens Broadway B.O.

Two shows reach millionaires club in truncated week

NEW YORK — During a week cut by Hurricane Irene, “The Lion King” managed to snag the top spot from “Wicked.”

As expected, overall box office figures fell steeply in Week 13 (Aug. 22-28), with some shows playing as few as four perfs each due to the weekend cancellations prompted by Irene.

Most legiters probably didn’t expect two shows to still come in above the $1 million mark. “The Lion King” ($1,081,144) and “Wicked” ($1,031,290) each made it into the millionaires’ club playing just five shows each.

Given the disparity in regular playing skeds, it’s tough to compare numbers between individual shows, since some productions — including “The Phantom of the Opera” ($607,372) and “Mamma Mia!” ($588,493) — got in six perfs each prior to the weekend shutdown, and one, “Billy Elliot” ($358,485), only played four.

The most popular hits of last season were among those to log capacity attendance (or close to it) at the shows they did play, including “The Book of Mormon” ($786,459) and “War Horse” ($625,160) and “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” ($700,978).

Overall cume fell $8.5 million (or 42%) to $11.6 million for the 23 shows on the boards, and attendance plummeted to 130,853 at 87.7%, with average paid attendance dropping from $92.25 to $88.20.

The 21 musicals grossed $10,822,897, for 93.3% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 122,580 at 78.6% capacity and average paid admission of $89.40.

The two plays grossed $799,982 for 6.9% of the Broadway total, with attendance of 8,273 at 95.7% capacity and average paid admission of $88.30.