This Broadway season, Kenny Leon has gone from helming two-hander “The Mountaintop,” with Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett, to the new Broadway play “Stick Fly,” which opened Thursday. At the latter show’s opening night party at Copacabana, he reminisced about the ensemble-building exercises he did with his larger “Fly” cast — including some bootcamp-style discipline. “If an actor missed a cue, that’s 10 pushups,” he said.

It was a change, he added, going from helming Jackson and Bassett to a larger cast. “It was like, now I have six kids instead of just two!” he cracked.

For her part, scribe Lydia R. Diamond, making her Rialto debut with the play, remains surprised at how funny the family tale turned out. Not that she’s complaining.

“I’m a playwright. I’m a whore for laughter,” said Diamond.