Shakespeare’s Globe has given the go-ahead to complete the planned building of an indoor, 320-seat Jacobean theater adjacent to its 1,500-seat open-air home.

Fund-raising will begin in February to re-create an indoor English Renaissance theater. Construction is to begin in November 2012, with a projected opening season the following November.

Project will allow Shakespeare’s later plays, including “Cymbeline,” “The Winter’s Tale” and “The Tempest,” to be seen in the style of theater for which they were written, and will further the Globe’s reaches into authentic performance practice.

A.d. Dominic Dromgoole said, “The faithful re-creation of the Globe 14 years ago revolutionized people’s ideas of what a theater can, could and should be. The re-creation of an indoor Jacobean theater, the closest simulacrum of Shakespeare’s own Blackfriars that we can achieve, will have the same effect and will prove a revelation of equal magnitude.”

The Globe’s 2011 season, meanwhile, includes “Much Ado About Nothing,” helmed by Jeremy Herrin, and its first-ever production of Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus.”

The following year, to celebrate the Olympic Games, the Globe will host a six-week multilingual Shakespeare project presenting all of the Bard’s 38 plays, each in a different language by companies from around the world.

Within the season the Globe will stage one production. The remaining 37 plays are skedded to include productions in Lithuanian, Urdu, Greek, Aboriginal, Maori, British Sign Language and Arabic.