Drama League Awards’ inclusive approach

Losers find a forum

“It says here to talk a little about ‘High,’ ” said emcee Kathleen Turner at Friday’s Drama League Awards. “All right. I was on Broadway. It ended abruptly. That sucked, but I’m over it.”

The Marriott Marquis aud laughed, and not for the last time. Norbert Leo Butz quipped, “I see a whole lot of people I’ve slept with in order to work with,” and Robin Williams, also a presenter, indulged in a couple of manic riffs, including a jokey introduction of honoree Whoopi Goldberg.

“I’d like to yield my time to the congressman from Neptune,” Tom Wopat said when Williams sat down for the second time.

“Book of Mormon” star Josh Gad said his 92-year-old grandfather put the event in perspective by reminding him that since there were more than 60 people nommed for the distinguished performer award (which went to Mark Rylance), he didn’t have much of a chance.

“I said, ‘Grandpa, that’s really funny, can I use that in my speech?'” Gad recalled. Grandpa replied, “They let the losers give speeches?”