A team of producers has acquired the rights to Appalachian Mountain-set play “Dark of the Moon” for a potential stage tuner and movie adaptation.

Paul Mason, an independent producer and former senior VP of Viacom, picked up the rights along with a pair of production companies, Mark Salyer and Melissa Wharton’s ArtReach and Arthur Allan Seidelman’s Entpro.

Scribe Richard Alfieri will pen the stage musical adaptation as well as the bigscreen version.

Seidelman will direct both incarnations.

Tuner’s score is expected to draw from Appalachian folk music. No songwriter has yet been nailed down for the project.

Alfieri, Seidelman and choreographer Kay Cole, also attached to “Dark,” worked together on “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks,” which had a short-lived Broadway run in 2003.

“Dark,” a 1945 play by Howard Richardson and William Berney, centers on an Appalachian witch boy who attempts to become human after he falls in love with a human girl. Storyline is based on the folksong “The Ballad of Barbara Allen.”

Attorney Elliot S. Blair, administrator of the trust that owns rights to “Dark of the Moon,” repped the title in the negotiations with producers.

Musical’s collaborators hope to get the show to Broadway in early 2012.