Touring Euro legit/horseshow hybrid “Apassionata” is set to hit the road in the U.S. next spring, launching an 18-month tour with a Louisville stop timed to the Kentucky Derby.

“Apassionata,” which has played throughout Europe in various versions since 2003, mixes equestrian-show elements such as dressage and stunt riding with a loose narrative thread.

New American incarnation, subtitled “The Beginning,” is helmed by Scott Faris, whose credits include Vegas spectacles such as “EFX” and the large-scale arena tour of “Walking With Dinosaurs.” He’ll collaborate with Holger Ehlers, the author, artistic director and musical director of the Euro version.

Produced Stateside by creator Peter Massine and American partner Tanya Grubich, show will star some 40 horses alongside a human cast. Breeds range from Shetland ponies to Friesians.

Production logistics include the creation of housing centers in eight locations around the country where the horses will be kept when they’re not performing their three-day-per-week show sked.

After the Louisville stint that begins April 27, “Apassionata” will make stops at some 65 U.S. cities.