Daniel Tosh: Comic mines Internet for material

Comedy Impact Report 2011: Standup Guys

What do pubescent boys and young men find funny? While much of Hollywood struggles to answer that question, Daniel Tosh seems to have cracked the riddle. With a blend of gross-out humor and politically incorrect jokes interspersed with Internet exhibitionism, the standup’s “Tosh.0” enjoys the perch of Comedy Central’s highest-rated show.

It’s no coincidence that the ascent of the weekly skein, which bowed in 2009 and now reaches 4 million viewers, mirrors the rise of YouTube, social networking and video blogging or vlogging. The Florida native spotlights the personalities behind the viral videos du jour, such as Australia artist Pricasso and his penis-etched creations.

Meanwhile, the standup’s special, “Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts,” solidified his presence on Comedy Central, drawing 3.21 million for the network. The comic also keeps up a grueling live-act pace between L.A. standup and touring. Last year’s “Tosh Tour Twenty Ten” sold more than 200,000 tickets and grossed nearly $7 million. He followed that up with this year’s hot ticket, “Tosh Tour on Ice.”

“My standup is obviously still very much ‘me’ and my humor, but the tour is completely different,” the press-shy comedian, who is recovering from quadruple hernia surgery, told the Santa Barbara Independent last year.