Docu showcases the serenity and determination of Neel Couwels, the 50-year-old terminally ill woman at the center of Belgian filmmaker Manno Lanssens' lucid, surprisingly engrossing film about death and dying.

Nowadays, select cable networks and PBS outlets aren’t afraid to include series and documentaries about death and dying. But few of those works showcase a serenity and determination equal to that of Neel Couwels, the 50-year-old terminally ill woman at the center of Belgian filmmaker Manno Lanssens’ lucid, surprisingly engrossing docu “Epilogue.” Lanssens follows Neel through the last seven months of her life when, free from the debilitating effects of chemotherapy, she sets about making funeral arrangements and ushering her husband and three children through the grieving process. Smallscreen and caregiving venues should take note.

Except for a round of drinks at a restaurant with female friends Couwels hasn’t seen in ages, and a romantic, honeymoon-reprising trip with husband Mark to Ireland and the cairn by the sea where her kids will scatter her ashes, most of the docu unfolds in the family’s house and garden, as the brood gathers together for mutual support. Fate has reserved a final kick in the teeth that threatens Couwels’ fight for closure, but she weathers on. Neither coldly distanced nor tearfully sentimental, “Epilogue” calmly sticks with its courageous subject to the end.



  • Production: A Serendipity Films production in co-production with Mollywood, Noord Film, Lichtpunt, with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund. (International sales: Serendipity Films, Sint-Antelinks, Belgium.) Produced by Ellen de Waele. Directed by Manno Lanssens.
  • Crew: Camera (color, HD), Johan Legraie, Bram De Waele, Michel Baudoir; editor, Jan De Coster; music, Guy Van Nueten. Reviewed at Montreal World Film Festival (Documentaries of the World), Aug. 28, 2011. Running time: 85 MIN.
  • With: With: Neel Couwels, Sanne Eulaers, Mark Eulaers, Wannes Eulaers, Judith Eulaers, David van Dele. (Dutch dialogue)
  • Music By: