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Wiig steps into the spotlight

Eye on the Oscars: Best Picture - 'Bridesmaids'

Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel, Clayton Townsend

“I met Kristen (Wiig) when she did ‘Knocked Up,’ and she was so funny and interesting that I thought I would love to see a movie where she was the lead,” Apatow says. “I asked her if she had any ideas, and she came in a few months later and said she and her writing partner Annie Mumolo had this idea about a maid of honor.”

“I brought the idea to Universal, and they were very enthusiastic about making a movie with Kristen. At the time we didn’t think of it as a movie that starred a lot of women and that that would be the hook. We were all excited to make a Kristen Wiig movie, and it slowly evolved into what it became. We sold the movie on a pitch, and they were the ones waiting for us to say we were ready.”

“The only obstacle to getting it made was determining when the script was ready. It took a few years to finish. As soon as we were happy with the script, we found the actresses to work with Kristen, and it took off.”

“One of the most important decisions we made was figuring out who should direct the movie. I had worked with Paul Feig on ‘Freaks and Geeks’ in 1999, and it seemed like a perfect scenario for us to collaborate again. After we hired Paul, we read a ridiculous number of talented actors. It turned out to be mostly people Kristen knew and had worked with.”