The Writers Guild of America West has blasted Winconsin Gov. Scott Walker over his efforts to reduce the benefits of y public-sector union members.

The WGA West issued the condemnation on Tuesday, the same day that Walker introduced a budget that would slash more than $1.25 billion from aid to schools and local governments. The uproar in Wisconsin began when Walker introduced a bill in mid-February that sought to close a budget shortfall by preventing most public employees from collectively bargaining on anything but wages — triggering two weeks of protests.

Union leaders have said they’re willing to pay more for benefits but insits they won’t give up their ability to bargain. The Writers Guild of America East, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild issued statements over the weekend opposing the legislation.

“The Writers Guild of America West condemns in the strongest possible terms Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attack on the public employees of his state,” the WGA West said. “His bid to deprive them of their collective bargaining rights is not only an assault on their unions, it is an attempt to deprive them of a meaningful voice in the workplace and in our democracy. Walker’s plan to strangle that voice is as cynical as it is immoral.”