The Writers Guild of America West has announced it is supporting the economic protests on Wall Street and around the country.

”The economic statistics don’t lie,” said WGA West president Christopher Keyser. ”The rich are getting much, much richer in America. At the same time, the middle class, which was once the vibrant economic backbone of this country, is disappearing, and our poor and our unemployed are in free fall.”

The WGA West, which reps about 8,000 writers, made the announcement Thursday.

”The corporations and the people who gambled with our future, who made a killing on that bet and then got bailed out by us, are back with robust profits and unconscionable salaries. No one has paid a price for that but the American worker. And neither political party seems to have the guts or the independence to hold anyone accountable or to demand meaningful safeguards to protect us from all of this happening again.”

The Writers Guild of America East has also come out in support of the protests with exec director Lowell Peterson noting that three dozen members and staff joined other labor unions during Wednesday’s march in New York.

“The financial wizards have done a pretty awful job with the economy, and they have far too much influence over our government,” Peterson added. “The fiscal crisis has placed a vastly disproportionate burden on people who work for a living. We will continue to stand with the Occupy Wall Street movement and applaud the efforts to call attention to these inequities, and to inspire action.”