Italian screenwriter Tonino Guerra, who has credits on more than 100 screenplays, has been named the recipient of the Writers Guild of America West’s Jean Renoir Award for Screenwriting Achievement.

The nod, given as a lifetime achievement to an international writer, will be presented at the Writers Guild Awards West Coast ceremony Feb. 5 at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. The 90-year-old Guerra will not be traveling to Los Angeles to accept the trophy but will receive the award next month at his home in Northern Italy.

“Tonino Guerra is by any standard one of the great writers of our times,” said WGA West board member Howard A. Rodman. “Guerra’s work is the brave and moral thread that runs through the fabric of modernist cinema. He is a breathtaking poet, a generous collaborator, and is possessed of the largest heart.”

Rodman cited “L’avventura,” “La notte,” “L’eclisse,” “Red Desert,” “Blow-Up,” “Zabriskie Point,” “Amarcord,” “Nostalghia,” “Landscapes in the Mist,” and “Exquisite Corpses” as examples of Guerra’s notable work.

Guerra began his screenwriting career with 1956’s “Man and Wolves” and launched his longtime collaboration with Michelangelo Antonioni with “L’avventura.”

Other credits include “Casanova 70,” “Lucky Luciano,” “Three Brothers,” “Night of the Shooting Stars,” “And the Ship Sails On,” “Voyage to Cythera,” “Chaos,” “A Place for Lovers,” “Ginger and Fred,” “Dark Illness,” ” “Especially on Sunday” and “Stanno tutti bene.”

Guerra received Academy Award nominations for “Amarcord,” “Blow-Up” and “Casanova 70.”

The WGA presented its first Renoir award in 2009 to Italian screenwriter Suso D’Amico, who died last year.