Jeremy Pikser has been elected VP of the Writers Guild of America East, topping Matt Nelko for the post.

As expected, the WGA East also announced Friday that Michael Winship was officially re-elected to a third two-year term as president without opposition while Bob Schneider was elected unopposed for secretary-treasurer.

Incumbents Susan Kim and Courtney Simon were re-elected to open freelance seats on the WGA East Council along with Henry Bean, Bonnie Datt, Elliot Kalan and Bernardo Ruiz. Also running for the freelance seats were Robert Levi, Leslie Nipkow, Tom Jennings, Daryn Strauss, Michael Kantor, Richard Vetere, Jenny Lumet and John Marshall

A trio of incumbents were re-elected to staff seats in the council: Sue Brown McCann, Phil Pilato and Duane Tollison. Gail Lee, who had been secretary-treasurer, also ran for a seat.

Winship, a former senior writer for “Bill Moyers Journal,” was first elected to a two-year term in September 2007 over Tom Phillips and became part of the WGA’s negotiating team about a month before the guild launched its 100-day strike against the congloms. He was re-elected unopposed in 2009.

Pikser began his screenwriting career in 1980 doing production rewrites for “Reds” and is the co-writer of “Bulworth.” He also has credits on “War Inc.” and “The Lemon Sisters.”The New York-based WGA East reps about 4,000 scribes.