Warner Bros. has become the latest studio to issue pinkslips, laying off about 50 employees in home entertainment and consumer products.

A Warners rep confirmed the layoffs Friday night through a statement.

“As part of the continual review of our business operations, Warner Bros. Entertainment will be undertaking limited staff reductions in our home entertainment and consumer products divisions,” the statement said. “The total number of employees and positions impacted by these reductions is a relatively small percentage of our domestic workforce.”

Fox Home Entertainment pinkslipped 22 employees on Tuesday from its analytics and information technology departments as part of a streamlining of its operations. The moves come as a downturn in home entertainment revenues hits the bottom line for all of the major showbiz congloms amid the combo of declining DVD sales and the lingering recession.

Walt Disney Studios will cut about 200 people — mostly in distribution, development and post-production — next week. Lionsgate recently reduced its headcount by 10, primarily in home entertainment.