‘War Horse’ rears

Spielberg pic world preems at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall

With the stage version of “War Horse” playing next door, Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall in New York offered an ideal venue for the world premiere of Steven Spielberg’s bigscreen adaptation.

“It was either here or a barn,” quipped the film’s exec producer Frank Marshall, who sparked to the material two years ago after seeing a London stage perf with wife Kathleen Kennedy and their two children. “And somehow, miraculously, it hadn’t been optioned yet.”

Spielberg, who ducked out of Avery Fisher after introducing the DreamWorks pic to catch a flight back to the set of his Abe Lincoln Civil War epic, might have been surprised to see the reaction of his longtime lawyer Bruce Ramer. “I’m a little teary-eyed,” Ramer said at the buffet dinner held in the lobby. “That’s right, a lawyer cried.”

Still, not everyone involved with the film wanted to nuzzle up with a stallion. “I’m scared of horses, actually,” said the film’s Emily Watson. “But I didn’t exactly fess up (to Spielberg) about that.”