On the eve of the year’s most-celebrated nuptials, Universal held its own wedding festivities at the preem of “Bridesmaids” at Village theater in Westwood.

The pic’s producer Judd Apatow said he had pushed star Kristen Wiig to write this film, and she said the opportunity to work with Apatow was hard to pass up.

“The inspiration was to do this raunchy women-driven comedy,” Wiig said Thursday night. “When Judd asked me to do this, I went to my friend Annie (Mumolo), who I thought would be great because of all the wedding nightmare situations she had been through.”

Though the film had some instances that were based on real- life moments, there were some that were made up, Wiig and director Paul Feig confessed.

“Oh it’s never happened to me but I’m sure it’s happened to someone,” Feig said.