TWC bows ‘Miral’ at UN

Film offers message of peace

Leading up to Monday night’s screening of TWC’s “Miral” at the United Nations, Israeli and Jewish protests began to dominate any discussion about the movie. Yet apparently just two words can sum it up — “fear” and “peace.”

Peace is the message of the film, according to its director, Julian Schnabel, and scribe, Rula Jebreal. It’s that message that brought the pic to the attention of the president of the U.N. General Assembly, Joseph Deiss, who then asked to host the event.

Yet fear is bringing all the attention. “I loved the fact that the U.N. wanted to screen it and I hate the fact that the American Jewish Committee didn’t want to screen it,” said Harvey Weinstein. “But it’s not the first time. It’s just been one obstacle after another.”

Schnabel questioned whether the protesters had even seen the movie. “The question is does a Palestinian girl get to have her portrait painted?” he said. “Is she entitled to it or do you have to portray the Israeli girl standing next to her at the same time? I thought it’d be an interesting thing for me to tell the story from the eyes of a 16-year-old Palestinian girl, not that of a 59-year-old Jewish guy from New York City.”

After the screening, Schnabel and Jebreal took part in a panel, moderated by Dan Rather. –