Industry veterans P.J. Pettiette and Claudie Viguerie have partnered with Louisiana oilman Greg Hall to form Dixie Theatrical Corp. as a production, financing and international sales company.

Dixie’s debut film, revenge thriller “Julia X 3D,” will have its world premiere in Cannes. The film stars Valerie Azlynn, Kevin Sorbo, Ving Rhames, Joel David Moore, Alicia Leigh Willis and Courtney Rawls.

Pic’s also the directorial debut for Pettiette, who co-wrote the script with Matt Cunningham. Story centers on the title character who meets a man on an Internet date and is assaulted by him and branded with an X.

Producers are Pettiette, Hall and Viguerie. Pettiette previously operated Hybrid Pictures, which produced “Jennifer’s Shadow,” and General Prods., which produced “The General,” directed by John Boorman.

Viguerie oversees international sales for Dixie. Previously, she was head of international sales for Hybrid, which she and Pettiette launched in 2004.