Matt Oberg (“Ugly Americans”), Stephen Schneider (“Best Friends Forever”) and Anna Chlumsky (“My Girl”) are starring in indie comedy “Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship,” produced by Justified Ends Entertainment.

Adrian Martinez, Debargo Sanyal and Cristin Milioti also star in the pic written and directed by Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer.

Sal Irizarry, Jane Basina and Waj Arshad are producing. Filming commenced July 19 in New York City.

Oberg plays a sensitive professor and author of feminist literature who deep down churns with sexual frustration. Schneider portrays a loud, obnoxious, womanizing businessman who’s completely oblivious to how inappropriate he is in almost every situation — even when he falls madly in love with his new female boss.

Oberg and Schneider are both repped by CAA. Chlumsky is repped by Innovative Artists’ Ken Lee.