TOKYO — Japanese censors are allowing Warner Japan to unspool just one uncut version of “The Hangover Part II” at a Tokyo theater with an R18 rating, for auds over 18.

All other local prints must digitally mask male genital shots in a Thai transsexual bar and carry an R15 rating, for auds over 15.

Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police, which monitors obscene content under Japan’s legal code, passed the shots for the R18 print saying the aim was to arouse laughs, not lust.

The police launched a probe, acting on complaints about nudity, after the comedy was released on nearly 130 screens on July 1. It decided not to prosecute but did ask Warner not to release the R18 version on DVD.

The decision may open the way for more relaxed local standards for on-screen nudity, which has long been an issue for censors and distribs in Japan. Helmer Todd Phillip’s comedy got an R rating in the U.S.