The Dominican Republic’s chances of a foreign Oscar slot were scuttled over a technicality when the island nation entered “La hija natural” (Love Child) on Monday, the deadline.

“We weren’t aware that we were supposed to turn in the names of our selection committee members for the Academy’s approval beforehand,” said Ellis Perez, Dominican Republic Film Commissioner.

According to Academy rules, a list of the selection committee members had to be submitted no later than Aug. 1.

The Dominican’s film production output isn’t high, although a new film law should spur more activity next year.

This year, only two local pics hit cinemas, and one of them, “Pimp Bullies,” was not considered appropriate for Oscar consideration.

The board of the Dominican Republic’s filmmakers’ association opted for helmer Leticia Tonos’ family drama.

The snafu is even more frustrating for Tonos, who is the first female helmer to come out of the Dominican Republic.