Sergej Moya wants to make a porno. Well, actually, he wants to make what he calls a “porNEOgraphic film” — an erotic drama that doesn’t shy away from sexual situations that are integral to character and narrative.

And he’s looking to finance the pic through crowd funding. While countless young filmmakers around the world might be looking to do the same thing, Moya’s “Hotel Desire” already has a high-profile cast, one of Germany’s biggest production companies behind it and an exclusive deal with telco giant Deutsche Telekom’s VOD platform Videoload. In addition, Berlin-based home entertainment distrib Capelight has taken DVD rights.

The project has already raised more than €142,000 ($201,235) of its total $241,000 budget through donations, mostly of about $7 a pop from the online community.

Moya says he wants to present an aspect of the human condition rarely explored in cinema, namely, sexuality.

It’s said that women think about sex every 60 seconds on average during the day, men every 52 seconds,” he says. “However, I could not find any data on how many seconds, minutes or hours we think about murder and homicide every day. I want to make a film that does justice to sexuality as an expression of human joy of life. A film that confidently borrows from the porn genre, but that is not a porn film.”

Berlin-based TeamWorx, producer of such major TV productions as “Hindenburg” and “Laconia,” is producing the film along with Moya’s Berlin-based Von Fiessbach Film.

For producer Sascha Schwingel, who is producing TeamWorx’s World War II event movie “Rommel” for pubcaster ARD, the project was an opportunity to test crowd funding as a viable financing model for content production.

While such an adult-skewed drama could air on latenight TV, those slots usually go to licensed product and not commissioned works and therefore there’s no TV money to be had.

Schwingel says the film will definitely reach auds through Videoload, which will have exclusive rights for six months; DVD; the Internet and possibly even TV: the producers are in talks with a free TV channel as well as a pay TV outlet and they’re also looking to get the film into a major film fest.

The project has already seduced plenty of well-known German thesps, including Clemens Schick (“The Burma Conspiracy”), Anna Maria Muehe (“November Child”), Carlo Ljubek (“Shahada”), Saralisa Volm and Herbert Knaup (“The Lives of Others”).

Moya, 23, began his career as a child actor and has since become one of the most active young thesps in television and film, appearing in such series and pics as ARD’s “Tatort,” ProSieben’s “Go West” and Burhan Qurbani’s Berlin-set drama “Shahada” before trying his hand at writing and directing.