“This is my homage to human normalcy,” Errol Morris joked Monday night after the IFC Center screening of his latest doc, “Tabloid.”

Sundance Selects’ pic follows the lurid tale of former Miss Wyoming Joyce McKinney, whose romantic obsessions and delusions made her a tabloid sensation in the late 1970s.

McKinney sometimes publicly debates aspects of the film with Morris, usually during Q&A sessions following screenings.

McKinney decided not to attend the intimate but star-studded Gotham event.

“She’s got other plans,” producer Mark Lipson explained.

At the Westway afterparty, Morris said that McKinney had an actress in mind to play her in a Hollywood movie version: Katherine Heigl. “But Kirsten Dunst was here tonight and told me that she wanted to play Joyce. So we will see who wins out.”

Dunst sat next to Spike Jonze and across the aisle from a decked-out Courtney Love.