Warner Bros. went all out for its Thai-themed afterparty at the Lot for “The Hangover Part II.” At the Chinese premiere on Thursday, director/producer/co-writer Todd Phillips discussed the higher expectations for this Bangkok-set sequel.

“There’s always pressure with any movie but for my own sanity, I looked at it the opposite way. When we shot the first ‘Hangover’ we’d be in an alley at 5 in the morning in Las Vegas and I’d turn to Bradley Cooper and go, ‘that’s the funniest thing ever but is anybody gonna see this movie?’ With this one, I feel like people are really waiting for it. So when I look at it that way, it gets me through it,” said Phillips.

Co-writer Craig Mazin agreed. “We sat down in January of last year and gave ourselves 10 minutes to be scared out of our minds. Then we agreed to let it go and just do the job and not let it get in our heads.”

As for a third installment, Mazin joked, “I just want it to be in Pasadena, where I live, because the jet lag alone was a nightmare. I think that if there is a third one, the location will be a surprise. We’ve done the party city thing, so that’s done.”