‘Sub’ floats under the radar

TWC's 'Submarine' preems in Gotham

To promote the Weinstein Co.’s “Submarine” at Sunday’s Gotham preem, helmer-scribe Richard Ayoade resorted to self-deprecation. “I’d set expectations at a three,” he quipped at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema. “I’d set it to a three, is that OK with everybody?” He didn’t have much more to say about his first feature film, spending most of his time discussing the audience and the length of the credits.

Exec producer Ben Stiller did warn everyone beforehand about Ayoade. “Richard’s one of the great self-promoters of all-time,” Stiller deadpanned at the Cinema Society event. “It’s like Muhammad Ali, P.T. Barnum, Richard.”

Noah Baumbach and Jason Schwartzman showed up at the Vault afterparty to have a word with the Englishman. Not that they had anything to say about him.