Who doesn’t love babies? The Hollywood execs and stars who gathered at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies certainly showed their collective soft spot for infants.

At Friday’s luncheon, members of this year’s Stork Club included Jessica Alba, Jenna Fischer and Susan Downey, whose “Iron Man” of a husband was asked to stand and be recognized with the moms.

“It takes 50% of what you have too to make it happen, right?” host Natalie Morales quipped.

Universal’s Donna Langley accepted the March of Dimes Grace Kelly Award. “I recently learned that being the mother of two small boys under the age of 3 is harder than anything I deal with at work,” Langley said. “And some of you know just how challenging my job can be … thanks to you.”

Many honorees and speakers were not big Hollywood names, but that didn’t stop the starry luster from rubbing off on Dr. Scott Cohen, recipient of the Golden Rattle Award. “First, I’d like to thank the Academy,” the doctor began.