Stars ‘Punch’ up red carpet

Boxing match lets femmes show combat skills

Even while dressed in designer togs, the stars of “Sucker Punch” were able to show off their combat skills at Warner Bros. London premiere on March 30.

Watching Jena Malone in an impromptu boxing match on the red carpet, helmer Zack Snyder said, “You would never guess she can do a 235-pound deadlift, it’s pretty awesome.”

Vanessa Hudgens was noticeably lighter on her feet, skipping at some points and doing a little dance with co-stars Emily Browning and Jamie Chung.

“We felt like warriors at the end of filming,” Hudgens said.

If Snyder had his way, though, “Sucker Punch” could have been a very different pic. “They talked me out of this shadow puppet thing I wanted to do,” he joked.

After the screening, the festivities moved on to the elegant Café de Paris in London’s West End.